Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Baby Things That Are Awesome, Part II

Now that I have a baby, I can add another thing or two to this list.

First of all, I want to confirm that the rainbow glow worm sack thing is, in fact, awesome.  Now to the new product reviews (I should look for some ad money here...)


I've seen this before a few times in public, and thought people looked pretty stupid - though not nearly so silly as when they're wearing this thing.  Even so, I judged people for using them.  "Not gonna use a stroller right now?  How about carry your baby, you lazy parent?"

Why would you ever need this?

 Because even little babies are heavy as crap in about 10 minutes, that's why.  Or maybe you might want to do, I dunno, anything else other than hold your baby every now and then.

Enter the Moby Wrap (though the name isn't quite as stupid as many other baby products, I prefer to simply call it "the wrap" in practice).  While the tag says it's made of cotton, it's actually made of magical baby-pass-out cloth, because that's what it does, immediately.  Baby's pissed?  In the wrap she goes, and we're done!

It's 5 1/2 yards of thick fabric, maybe 2 feet wide.  That's it.  But just as a true Drummond can turn six yards of plaid into a glorious display of clan identity and genital freedom, this thing gets swung over a shoulder here, crossed over a chest there, tied off at the waist, and voila!  Your baby slides into a holding sack that is awesome.
Aye, now there's a Drummond!  Now if only we could carry the wee lass in that tartan.....
I'm wearing a sleeping Fiona right now.  Why?  Because I can type a ton faster with two hands.  Because I can refill my drink.  And pee.  Because she loves being against my chest anyway.  I might even use it in public.  Maybe.

Target sells this thing for about $45, presumably because it actually is made of magical baby-pass-out cloth, as I suspected, and not cotton.  I got mine, brand new with stickers and the like, at a yard sale for $10.  Another reason why it's awesome.

I have been jealous of babies for years about hooded towels, but until now, it's all been speculation.  They seemed like a good idea, but man, they are a GREAT idea.

So one thing I learned about babies is that they don't regulate their body temperature too well at first, so when you bathe them they get really pissed about it because (a) you can't immerse them in water until that nasty umbilical cord stump falls off, so (b) they're cold as balls because you made them wet.

Enter the hooded towel.  A totally enveloped baby is a happier baby, and the hood helps keep them warmer until you dry them off better and get ready for some skin-to-skin warming time.  This has been some of my best time with Fiona, because Tori has bathed her (and subsequently pissed her off) every time, but I've been ready to snuggle her up close and get her warm again.  Daddy saves the day, and hooded towel gets honorable mention.

I don't really need to be telling you about them, because I have this:
Yep, that's Fiona expertly swaddled in a hooded Tigger towel.  Everything about this is good.  They need to make adult sized ones, though, because I am still a bit jealous.

And even though he's already made the blog twice, he deserves a spot on this list:

Oh, you know, she's just in uffish thought.

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